Adrian David Cheok

Adrian David Cheok is Director of the Imagineering Institute, Malaysia, and Chair Professor of Pervasive Computing at City University London. He is Founder and Director of the Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore. His research focuses on multisensory internet communication, mixed reality, pervasive and ubiquitous computing, human-computer interfaces and wearable computing.

Latest news

Adrian Cheok Keynote Speaker at Visual SG 2017

Professor Adrian David Cheok will give a keynote speech at Visual SG in Singapore Science Centre on 28 July 2017. Topic: Everysense Everywhere Human Communication Time: 11:10am, 28 July 2017 Location: Singapore Science Centre Visual... Read More

Seks met robots, omdat robots ook gevoelens hebben

13 July 2017, by René Schoemaker–omdat-robots-ook-gevoelens-hebben Hoe gevoel, tast en reuk gedigitaliseerd kunnen worden. Seks met robots is niet ver meer weg, zegt Adrian Cheok van het Imagineering Institute. Maar eerst gaan we... Read More

Fifth Sense: The next stage of VR is total sensory immersion

Wednesday, May 17, 2017, By Gareth May@garethmay How will VR expand from audio and visual to incorporate the other senses?   Last year, the director of the Imagineering Institute in Malaysia, Dr. Adrian... Read More