Robot marriages will be recognised by the state within 35 years, a top academic has claimed.

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ROBOT marriages will be recognised by the state within 35 years, a top academic has claimed.

Following from the introduction of the first sex robots onto the market next year, owners will begin falling in love and look to take one down the aisle sooner than you think, Dr David Levy said.

The Sun reports that the best-selling author of Love and Sex with Robots claimed that politicians will have to change legislation to allow robots to wed as society begins to view artificially intelligent machines in a different way.

“As more and more people come to accept the concept of love and sex with robots, society as a whole will come to develop laws to govern human robot relationships,” he said.

“Restrictions that prevented Angela Vogel from obtaining a legal marriage license in Seattle will begin to fall by the wayside just as laws preventing interracial marriage did in the 1960s and same sex marriage during did in the past decade.”


Guys, I want you to meet me wife Bertha.


And by the time there are no obstacles, the sex robots we are familiar with will become even more human-like and “kind, protecting and loving”.

But one major obstacle will be the Church, Dr Levy added.

“Religion is the reason to oppose same-sex marriage but not human-robot marriage,” he told a packed audience at the second ever Love and Sex with Robots conference in London on Tuesday.

And his comments have prompted backlash from Christians.

Priest Kara Slade, who was present as Dr David gave his speech, argued that “human relationships are not the same as chess computer programs”.

She added that Dr David Levy’s comments that “the bible does not say that you cannot marry humans” showed a total “misunderstanding of Christianity”.




But governments may actually consider the move.

In 2012 a woman was granted the right to marry a Mr. Corporate Person: a one-and-a-half-month-old business.

Seattle councillors later voided Angela Vogel’s marriage, but not before plenty of press attention.

Dr Levy said there are three requirements for robots to marry humans: consent, understanding and the capacity to make decisions — things he believes artificial intelligence is very close to.

And when it comes to divorce, the law will have to reflect that too.

The politicians and lawyers in robot law will have to deal with divorce, he said.

However, if you’re programming your own bot, it’s likely you can customise them to want you forever, he said.


Sex Robots May Interfere with Human Intimacy

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There’s a new fleet of robots that may make you blush.

Sex bots are not just limited to science fiction films, love service robots are under discussion for human pleasure.

The Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots is happening Dec. 19 to Dec. 20 at Goldsmiths, University of London. The event gives the academic community a chance to present ideas and innovative work on human relationships with artificial partners.

This year, there are about 100 people in attendance including tech writers, sex writers, journalists, scientists and humanities scholars.

The event features sessions on topics such as intelligent electronic sex hardware, gender approaches to robots, and teledildonics, or internet-connected sex toys.

The congress aims to peer-review material that explores the relationships between human and robots on an intimate level, which involves human emotions and feelings such as love and sex.

However, humans having sex with robots could potentially break up some marriages.

A Swiss researcher at the event warned an audience about the possibility of robots being better at sex than real people, prompting humans to have less sex with one another, according to Gizmodo.

But the researcher also said robots don’t tire out like humans, so an intimate encounter with a robot may be physically exhausting to a human partner.

If robot sex isn’t already strange enough, consider robots are high-tech machines with the ability to absorb data.

A sex bot could potentially be capable of collecting very intimate data from its human partner. Having that knowledge mean a robot could store information about people and use it for seduction, according to the researcher.

It could be quite some time before sex bots become a household item, but there are entrepreneurs already working to make money off the love robots.

A business man named Bradley Charvet recently revealed his plans to open a fellatio cafe in Switzerland using robots as escorts, according to Inverse.

A 15-minute session and a cafe americano would set a customer back €60 or about $62.

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