ACE 2012: 9th Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology Conference incorporating DIMEA 2012

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ACE 2012: 9th Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology Conference incorporating DIMEA 2012 (7th Digital Interactive Media Entertainment and Arts Conference)

Papers Submission 15 June 2012

ACE 2012 is pleased to announce a special arrangement for publication of all conference papers (and other categories). In the theme of “entertaining the whole world” all papers will be published in the ACM Computers in Entertainment (CiE) website to promote free knowledge dissemination and interactive comments from peers around the world. Although authors will need to sign a copyright form with ACM, the papers will be FREE for download without charge to anyone in the world. Please see the CiE website at

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal, 5-7 November, 2012

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Announcing New Journal. LOVOTICS – Academic Studies of Love and Friendship with Robots

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Adrian David Cheok, Japan


David Levy, UK


Maarten Lamers, The Netherlands 

Dongman Lee, Korea 

Hooman Samani, Singapore 

Thanos Vasilakos, Greece 

Fons J. Verbeek, The Netherlands

Aims and Scope

The journal Lovotics, Academic Studies of Love and Friendship with Robots, publishes original, rigorously peer reviewed research papers on innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements, as well as novel applications, by leading researchers and developers regarding the latest fundamental advances in the core technologies that form the backbone of Lovotics, distinguished developmental projects in the area, as well as seminal works in aesthetic design, ethics and philosophy and studies on social impact and influence pertaining to Lovotics.

This journal aims to provide an overview of the current state of the Lovotics research community, how the field and related technologies are set to evolve in the future, and their impact on culture and society at large.

Topics of interest for the scientific papers and letters include but are not limited to:

  • Human-robot relationship
  • Affective and cognitive sciences for interactive robots
  • Context awareness, expectation and intention understanding
  • Design methodologies and aesthetics of designing interactive robots
  • Bio-mechatronics, neuro-robotics, and neurological aspect of Lovotics-based emotions
  • Artificial emotions and emotion synthesis
  • Scientific aspects of love
  • Affective computing and emotional intelligence
  • Human factors and ergonomics in human-robot interactions
  • Intelligent control and artificial intelligence for robotics
  • Knowledge representation, information acquisition, and decision making
  • Learning, adaptation and evolution of affection and intelligence
  • Interaction and collaboration between robots, humans and environments
  • Multimodal perception and communication within Lovotics robots
  • Ethics of Lovotics
  • Social acceptance and impact in the society
  • Cultural implications of human-to-robot love and robot co-relations
  • Compliance, safety and compatibility in the design of social robots “living” with humans
  • Considerations of security, safety and compatibility regarding human-robot co-inhabitants
  • Software architecture and development tools for Lovotics
  • Human-robot interaction and robot-robot interaction
  • Models of human and animal social behavior as applied to robots
  • Evaluation and measurement of love
  • Philosophical ramifications of love between humans and robots
  • Methodologies of verbal and kinetic reaction systems
  • Tangible Interfaces for transferring affection
  • Embodiment: How robotic affection can be transferred through technological mediation
  • Invoking human emotions from non-human partners
  • Behavioral studies of human and robot behaviors


Manuscripts should be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript either through the online Manuscript Tracking System or by email to Only electronic PDF (.pdf) or Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf) files can be submitted. There is no page limit. Only electronic submissions are accepted to facilitate rapid publication and minimize administrative costs. Submissions by anyone other than one of the authors will not be accepted. The submitting author takes responsibility for the paper during submission and peer review.

ACE 2012 Nepal Official Hotel Information

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ACE 2012 Nepal Official Hotel Information

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Download all YouTube playlist videos in one step using a free software.

Recently I wanted to download YouTube videos for playing in a lecture. I found software which could do it one by one. However to download a playlist would take a long time. I came across a free tool which does the job very nicely. It is Free YouTube Downloader at this site:

I tried it and it worked very easily and could output mp4 files and also automatically create an iTunes playlist of the downloaded video files. There is also an entire suite of free video, mp3 and image tools by the same company – this is also very handy to have. I often find I have to spend time to find a tool to convert from one format to another and this suite could save a lot of time.

Here is a nice desktop tool that can download entire video playlists as well as individual Youtube videos in your computer in MP4, AVI and FLV format. You have to just paste the playlist Url and it will auto fetch all the videos in the playlist and save the videos in your computer in the format you want. (also read : Youtube Tricks ) Here are the complete steps involved to download an entire YouTube video playlist : 1. First Download and Install FreeYoutubeDownload. 2. Run the application and just paste the playlist url. 3. Select the folder where you would want to download the videos and hit the download button. All the videos in the playlist will be fetched one by one and then downloaded in your computer. The best thing about this free utility is that you can select the file formats (AVI, FLV and MP4).The only downside is that you cannot resume your download if you quit in the middle. Written by Amit Banerjee on Friday, November 6th, 2009

Download All the Videos of a YouTube Playlist

Innovation Workshop at Ogilvy Fuel 2012 in Kyoto

Over 300 leaders of Ogilvy, one of the largest advertising and media companies in the world had an in-house conference in Kyoto.

I was one of about 4 or 5 external people invited to the conference, and I presented and gave a workshop on Innovation, together with Melvyn Lim who is Executive Creative Director at OgilvyOne Worldwide, based in Singapore. I found Melvyn to be a brilliant and creative mind, and I really enjoyed working with him.

We designed the workshop to be as interactive as possible. The session was centered on creativity and storytelling to fuel innovation. First we gave a short presentation on what is creativity and methods of innovation. One modern method to fuel innovation is combining thinking with hacking that combines design thinking, storytelling and collaborative creation. In the style of “Wicked solutions for wicked problems” the participants were then asked to imagine they are a Ninja in Kyoto transported from 17th century to today who only knows about materials we would find in a typical Ikea shop (wood, metal etc.) and you have to recover an important scroll held in the “heavily guarded” Kyoto National Museum. Participants are encouraged to find a creative and interesting solution – such as designing a gadget such as Ninja did, or design something to be stealthy (also Ninja did this) – like a trojan horse. The participants could decide on a gadget solution or strategy solution or something else – but it should be creative and innovative Participants will be provided with poster paper and color markers. After about 20 minutes of group discussion and sketching the groups all storyboarded their solution and presented it as a story/performance creatively. 

We gave four sessions in a row, so it was quite intense. However it was most joyful to see Ogilvy executives, and even the top bosses, enthusiastically participate in the session. The solutions were really creative, and even included Ikea meatballs as part of their design, which I did not think of before the session. It was really eye opening and interesting to work with the brilliant Ogilvy executives and staff.

Hybrid Reality – a new book out soon. Featuring Lovotics

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Hybrid Reality – a new book out soon. Featuring Lovotics

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