Announcing New Journal. LOVOTICS – Academic Studies of Love and Friendship with Robots

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Adrian David Cheok, Japan


David Levy, UK


Maarten Lamers, The Netherlands 

Dongman Lee, Korea 

Hooman Samani, Singapore 

Thanos Vasilakos, Greece 

Fons J. Verbeek, The Netherlands

Aims and Scope

The journal Lovotics, Academic Studies of Love and Friendship with Robots, publishes original, rigorously peer reviewed research papers on innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements, as well as novel applications, by leading researchers and developers regarding the latest fundamental advances in the core technologies that form the backbone of Lovotics, distinguished developmental projects in the area, as well as seminal works in aesthetic design, ethics and philosophy and studies on social impact and influence pertaining to Lovotics.

This journal aims to provide an overview of the current state of the Lovotics research community, how the field and related technologies are set to evolve in the future, and their impact on culture and society at large.

Topics of interest for the scientific papers and letters include but are not limited to:

  • Human-robot relationship
  • Affective and cognitive sciences for interactive robots
  • Context awareness, expectation and intention understanding
  • Design methodologies and aesthetics of designing interactive robots
  • Bio-mechatronics, neuro-robotics, and neurological aspect of Lovotics-based emotions
  • Artificial emotions and emotion synthesis
  • Scientific aspects of love
  • Affective computing and emotional intelligence
  • Human factors and ergonomics in human-robot interactions
  • Intelligent control and artificial intelligence for robotics
  • Knowledge representation, information acquisition, and decision making
  • Learning, adaptation and evolution of affection and intelligence
  • Interaction and collaboration between robots, humans and environments
  • Multimodal perception and communication within Lovotics robots
  • Ethics of Lovotics
  • Social acceptance and impact in the society
  • Cultural implications of human-to-robot love and robot co-relations
  • Compliance, safety and compatibility in the design of social robots “living” with humans
  • Considerations of security, safety and compatibility regarding human-robot co-inhabitants
  • Software architecture and development tools for Lovotics
  • Human-robot interaction and robot-robot interaction
  • Models of human and animal social behavior as applied to robots
  • Evaluation and measurement of love
  • Philosophical ramifications of love between humans and robots
  • Methodologies of verbal and kinetic reaction systems
  • Tangible Interfaces for transferring affection
  • Embodiment: How robotic affection can be transferred through technological mediation
  • Invoking human emotions from non-human partners
  • Behavioral studies of human and robot behaviors


Manuscripts should be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript either through the online Manuscript Tracking System or by email to Only electronic PDF (.pdf) or Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf) files can be submitted. There is no page limit. Only electronic submissions are accepted to facilitate rapid publication and minimize administrative costs. Submissions by anyone other than one of the authors will not be accepted. The submitting author takes responsibility for the paper during submission and peer review.