GIL 2012. CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY Speaker: Adrain David Cheok, Professor in Keio University

On June 26th I will be giving a talk at the GIL event on Growth, Innovation and Leadership which is organized by Frost & Sullivan for leaders in industry. I hope to see you there.

Frost & Sullivan’s global community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership is focused on engaging, sharing, and inspiring a continuous flow of new ideas and fresh perspectives leveraging innovation as a resource to address global challenges.

Year after year our CEOs and members of their growth team, invest the time to experience a GIL event, renewing their passion, fueling their creativity and gaining inspiration through interactive networking, bench marking of proven growth strategies, sharing of best practices by industry and career, exposure to best-in-class growth solution providers and access to some very insightful “BIG Picture” 360 Degree Visionary Perspectives.