ICALT2012 Keynote Talk

ICALT2012 Keynote Talk

Multi Modal Sensory Human Communication in the Internet Society

Adrian David Cheok

Rome, 4th July

This presentation outlines new multisensory communication supporting embodied and creative learning using social and physical contact and fun together with internet media. We aim to develop new types of learning environments using all the senses, including touch, taste, and smell. This talk will describe a ubiquitous computing environment based on an integrated design of real and virtual worlds. We discuss some different research prototype systems for interactive, playful, and creative learning. The presentation will also explore means to empower children (as the future leaders) in developing countries as innovators by nurturing their creativity with design and creative thinking using new media technologies. We believe this is an excellent way for children to be developers and innovators of the future.

International conference on Advanced Learning Technologies and Technology-enhanced Learning organized by IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology.