Advice from a Japan industry leader to all youth. Do the things which are most risky now!

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At my class for Innovators Seminar, I invited Mr. Hideto Nakahara Member of the Board and Senior Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi Corporation which is one of the most important companies in Japan, and perhaps the world.

As a leader of such an important company, he gave some excellent advice to our students which is an important message to all youth. He said Mitsubishi Corporation has to take very safe decisions because it is a large trading company with many employees. However he told our students the following advice

1. Do the things which are the most risky

2. Do it now because you will not be young for long

I thought this was amazing and visionary advice, coming from such a high up leader. We normally would expect conservative thinking at the top level of Japan, but I found Mr. Nakahara incredible engaging and visionary.