Augmented Reality Gurus

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Augmented Reality Gurus. I had the pleasure to have dinner with my good friends and gurus of augmented reality, Mark Billinghurst, Ron Azuma, Steven Feiner, amongst others. What I remembered was a similar dinner about 10 years ago in los Angeles at a SIGGRAPH. I noticed we are all grayer and fatter (of course me included). However one thing was the same. We were all like youngsters with our “geeky” discussions on technology and augmented reality. Steven Feiner showed a new AR glass he is making in the lab. We talked about how the cardboard was etched using a 3D printer. Mark told me about his new app which you can view the heritage buildings in Christchurch. I talked about tasting your food digitally. Yet somehow I felt no technology could ever replace such a real world dinner with old friends.