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9th Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology Conference incorporating DIMEA 2012 (7th Digital Interactive Media Entertainment and Arts Conference)

As part of ACE 2012 the leading scientific forum for dissemination of cutting-edge research results in the area of entertainment computing, we are organizing an activity workshop that will bring together researchers, practitioners and local kids and engage them in exploring concepts such as creativity, experience and “cool”, ways of creating entertainment media and ways of expanding children’s understanding of entertainment computing and its potential. Our goals are two fold. First, we hope to nurture and inspire young children to create new value propositions that will benefit their individual selves, communities and countries. We want to view young children in developing countries as creative innovators and ambassadors of new technologies, rather than passive end-users consumers. Second it is hoped the individual workshops will act as seeds for further research by the participants and that the results of these efforts will be published in future ACE conferences and other academic or professional venues. The submission deadline for proposals is July 8. Further details can be found at: We hope to see you all there Yoram Chisik and Janak Bhimani Entertainment kids co-chairs ACE 2012 is pleased to announce a special arrangement for publication of all conference papers (and other categories). In the theme of “entertaining the whole world” all papers will be published in the ACM Computers in Entertainment (CiE) website to promote free knowledge dissemination and interactive comments from peers around the world. Although authors will need to sign a copyright form with ACM, the papers will be FREE for download without charge to anyone in the world. Please see the CiE website at Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal, 5-7 November, 2012 Submit your work here: ACE 2012 home page Follow us on Twitter Join us on Facebook For paper submission questions or help please contact For general questions about ACE 2012 please contact Unsubscribe by email