CREATIVE LEAP media workshop for children in Botswana

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Our research mission is to empower children and youths in developing countries and communities with creative thinking and new media technologies. We aim to nurture and inspire young children to create new value propositions that will benefit their individual selves, communities and countries.

We want to view young children in developing countries as creative innovators and ambassadors of new technologies, rather than passive end-users consumers. We will conduct research in policy and creativity, design new media applications and conduct workshops to fulfill our mission and aim.

Past Achievements/ Presentations:

KMD Masters Student Maiwa conducted a 3 Day workshop for children in Botswana. Children aged between 9-11 year of age in one of the poorest locations in Gaborone, were asked to create stories (creative writing/story telling), make story boards (picture story), use molding clay to create their characters and animate their stories (stop-animation). The children did not have any knowledge of computers and molding but were very excited and most of them would like to play with computers more often participate in such workshops more if given the opportunity.