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Download all YouTube playlist videos in one step using a free software.

Recently I wanted to download YouTube videos for playing in a lecture. I found software which could do it one by one. However to download a playlist would take a long time. I came across a free tool which does the job very nicely. It is Free YouTube Downloader at this site:

I tried it and it worked very easily and could output mp4 files and also automatically create an iTunes playlist of the downloaded video files. There is also an entire suite of free video, mp3 and image tools by the same company – this is also very handy to have. I often find I have to spend time to find a tool to convert from one format to another and this suite could save a lot of time.

Here is a nice desktop tool that can download entire video playlists as well as individual Youtube videos in your computer in MP4, AVI and FLV format. You have to just paste the playlist Url and it will auto fetch all the videos in the playlist and save the videos in your computer in the format you want. (also read : Youtube Tricks ) Here are the complete steps involved to download an entire YouTube video playlist : 1. First Download and Install FreeYoutubeDownload. 2. Run the application and just paste the playlist url. 3. Select the folder where you would want to download the videos and hit the download button. All the videos in the playlist will be fetched one by one and then downloaded in your computer. The best thing about this free utility is that you can select the file formats (AVI, FLV and MP4).The only downside is that you cannot resume your download if you quit in the middle. Written by Amit Banerjee on Friday, November 6th, 2009

Download All the Videos of a YouTube Playlist