HACK OF THE DAY: Download all your Gmail attachments into Evernote.

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Here is a hack which I think will be useful to many people 🙂

Do you have thousands of attachments stuck in your Gmail account? As you know it is almost impossible to download them all easily. If you use the web client, it is mind numbingly slow to click one by one each attachment to download, and if you click download all it will make a zip file which you need to unzip (I know it is a small thing, but one extra step which takes more time in our time starved world).

Use this free software:


I used it and it downloaded all attachments from all my (literally) 200,000 + emails (in “All Mail” of Gmail). I set it to only download attachments >250KB so as to not download all those thousands of small signature GIFs, etc. But you can set it to download everything. It took quite few hours, but it worked!

Then I set it to the mode where you can just check new emails (not all emails). You can set it to check every few minutes, hour, or day, etc.

And here is the “hack”. I then set the download folder to be checked by Evernote to Add and Delete. So when there is a new attachment, it will be put into Evernote. My Evernote then automatically has every attachment sent to me on Gmail.

If you have any ideas for improving this “hack” please tell me.

What happens to my mail on the server?

Whendownloading your attachments, Mail Attachment Downloader will leave all your mail on your server and will not mark it as read. It will not interfere with any other programs you use today to download your mail. More


Mail Attachment Downloader uses standards based IMAP or POP3 protocols to talk to your mail server. IMAP provides faster search and filtering functions that will vastly improve the speed of your filters. Various filters can be setup. The program can automatically download your email attachments based on a schedule you specify when the program is running.

Mail Attachment Downloader works with popular web mail providers including the following:

  • GMail
  • Hotmail/Live
  • AOL
  • Y!Mail