Funeral News

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Funeral notices were also issued for victims of the alleged arson on Sunday. Police also announced they had found three bodies in an area where investigators believe the crime had taken place.

As the day drew to a close, several men in full riot gear stormed the Staunton Park office as police tried to evacuate people who had gathered there. One woman said her brother had been inside during the protest that night. Police said he had been struck by something and asked for help, but he was rescued by a friend.

The next morning, authorities announced they had found some bodies, with the third body found to date there being burned in a burning house in the town of Derry. Derry is part of the country’s two most populous and important states.

Around 2pm local time, it emerged from a fire burn that a woman and her children, many of them children, had been taken to local hospitals. The children were still taken to Staunton Park where, police said, four bodies were found, five more to be found.

The families and police on Monday told state media they were “looking at all possibilities to find the missing children”. Police said the missing children were believed to include a 14-year-old girl who died in hospital.
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