Shantanu Prakash, founder of Educomp visit to Keio Media Design

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Mr. Shantanu Prakash, founder of Educomp, a leading company which is providing digital content to youth across Asia and America. The company can really change the world, because more than 20 million youths are studying at Educomp schools. Imagine the effect this can have on our future to make kids more creative, more imaginative.
I was deeply impressed to hear Mr. Prakash talk at our school. What came across to me deeply was he has a deep vision about the future of learning. Unlike most academics who talk about changing education in the age of hyperconnectivity, he is actually doing something about it. He built up his company from scratch, so is also an amazing entrepreneur. 
Some of the quotes from his talk at KMD.
“Education should prepare for the work place. Games promote team work and collaboration and asking questions – this is more relevant than traditional education which focuses on degree and grades of individual.”
“Knowledge transfer will be computerized and instead education will teach kind of higher level collaboration techniques and learning methods for life.”