The Youth Effect Book

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An excellent book about engaging youth and ensuring that children and youth play an integral role in making decisions that will impact their future, was written by Jennifer Corriero.

I wrote a chapter in the book as follows:

Embracing the Imagination: Adrian Cheok Focuses on understanding today’s children who are born in a world of unlimited communication due to the proliferation of new media and digital technologies. These tools provide children with new opportunities to be creative, connect with an audience and have outlets for their expressions. The Internet has provided children with spaces for creative innovation and group interactions that can be further enhanced through specific initiatives that Cheok discusses.

Jennifer Corriero’s foreward to the book is as follows:

In response to the recent global financial crisis, in 2009 the World Economic Forum convened leaders across industry, government, academia, media and civil society as part of the Global Redesign Initiative. The Young Global Leaders (YGL’s), a unique, multistakeholder community of exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the global future, were also called upon to submit ideas, proposals and recommendations for action to contribute to solutions with a longer-term future outlook. As a response to the invitation for involvement, a group of 30 YGL’s decided that a broader and more diverse network of youth from around the world needed to be included in the discussions. A series of online consultations and Town Hall meetings were facilitated with over 3,000 youth in over 30 countries and at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, a report was presented highlighting the ideas and contributions of youth under the age of 25 that garnered an acknowledgement and response from over 14 Global Agenda Councils. To view the report and response, go to:

The Youth Effect was created to inspire leaders of organizations across sectors to believe in the capability of youth and to develop the skills of established leaders in being able to engage and collaborate more effectively with youth. It is part of an effort to ensure that children and youth are an integral part of designing, shaping and creating a more sustainable future. We live in a world with increasing threats and risks such as rising rates in unemployment, crime, terrorism, and spread of diseases including HIV/ AIDS. It is important that youth do not see themselves as victims but as active agents of change. It is essential for established leaders to view youth not as part of the problem, but as part of the solution. Offering young people meaningful platforms to express their concerns while also articulating their hopes for the future is an essential part of cultivating the next generation of leadership. It is also essential to addressing disillusionment and apathy of a generation who has a strong need for social ties and a desire to have an impact. We hope to create positive ripple effects by engaging with all generations to solve problems together. Each chapter of this book offers practical insights and suggestions on working with youth.

The book can be viewed and downloaded at this link: