Move to 2050: It’s time you need to book a date with sex robot, say researchers

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Jun 6, 2018

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The author of the book Love and Sex with Robots, David Levy says that a date with a robot is going to be the usual way of life by the time it’s 2050. If you think that’s just the imagination of a writer; well, he is not the only one making these claims.

Chair Professor of Pervasive Computing at London’s City University and the director, Singapore’s Mixed Reality Lab, Adrian Cheok is saying the same thing. “That might seem outrageous because it’s only 35 years away. But 35 years ago people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous,” stated Cheok.

Now, the advocates of sex robots want the entire world to believe that these machines are more than just toys; rather they are the companions that would help people with health issues and relationship complications. However, if you look closely, they do not really have any proof to support these claims.

There is no evidence that sex with robots come with health or therapeutic benefits, stated a report that was published in British Medical Journal, as having sex with real people can have consequences like gonorrhea in the mouth and other diseases so we need to be careful with this. However, it doesn’t mean sex robots are bad for health either. It just means that more studies are required before we can call sex robots are good.

Although sex robots industry is a $30 billion business, the reputations of these machines are not so good. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the manufacturers of these robots are trying to sell them by calling them therapeutic aids. According to the supporters of sex robots, these can offer safer sex, eliminate sex trafficking and can help couples who have bad sex lives and/or can become a good option for the pedophiles.

However, the recently published editorial in BMJ states that St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Chantal Cox-George and Susan Bewley from the King’s College London have looked through hundreds of articles on the association between health and sex robots and they have found nothing to support the health claims made by the sex robot advocates.

According to the report, the sex robots might lead to safer sex, but as of yet, there’s no proof that they definitely will. While the sex robots could solve the problems between a couple that has bad sex life; it can also make the partners feel more isolated. The authors of the report also suggest that sex robots may help the pedophiles with their repressed urges, however; it is also likely that some of them will not be able to differentiate between the fact and the fantasy.

Cox-George and Bewley conclude that we need more studies and researches on the use of sex robots before we can say it’s safe for the public and fast; as these robots are now becoming cheaper and more available in the market.