Turn tofu into a juicy steak by tricking your taste buds

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The new device is currently limited to imitating sweet or salty tastes, but could be developed to fool the tongue to such an extent that unappetising food becomes a juicy treat GETTY IMAGES

A device that tricks the tongue could one day turn the most unappetising healthy food into a delicious treat.

When placed in the mouth, the Taste Buddy emits thermal and electric signals that stimulate the taste buds.

The prototype is restricted to imitating sweet or salty tastes, but its inventors say it has the potential to change our diets by transforming bland tofu into juicy steak or conjuring up chocolate broccoli.

Adrian Cheok from City, University of London, who led the team of scientists and engineers that created the device, said: “What started out as a fun engineering experiment has… Continue reading