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Posted: Oct 14 2016, 4:00am CDT | by , Updated: Oct 14 2016, 5:12am CDT, in News | Latest Science News

Vegetables Can Taste Like Chocolate Using Taste Buddy Device
Wonderful Gadget makes Boring Diet Food Taste like Delicious Junk Food


A truly wonderful gadget is coming to the marketplace. It makes boring diet food taste like delicious junk food.

When people go on a diet they have great difficulty sticking to it in the long run. That is because some of the scrumptious foods that are banned by the diet remain as tantalizing temptations.

The brain’s appetite centers face burnout and soon the person is dining on all that sugary, salty, fat-filled food and the diet has gone with the wind. Yet there is good news for dieters. They can have their cake and eat it too (no pun intended).

A gizmo termed Taste Buddy can do the trick. It apparently fools the taste buds into believing that bland diet food is delicious junk food, according to DailyMail. The prototype for the device has already been made. It is introduced into the mouth.

This gadget then emits electrical and thermal signals that manipulate the taste buds in such a manner that they are tricked into believing that boring is interesting in matters having to do with food.

The prototype is meant to imitate sweet and salty tastes right now. There lies some more tweaking in the future device that could radically alter the taste of your diet.

You can think of this device as one that alters the taste of bland tofu to resemble juicy beef steak. Or for that matter, it can make broccoli taste like chocolate.

It basically started out as a side interest in engineering but soon the researchers saw that the device held potential and they just proceeded to delve into the complexities of this bionic device of sorts.

This contraption can save the lives of people in the long run. When people can take the most spartan of diets and feel like they are gourmets at a banquet, the device’s makers will have been redeemed.

Take the case of many children who find vegetables to be a yucky food. To make stuff like broccoli taste like chocolate will allow these young ones to live in a healthier manner yet feel like they are eating their favorite treats.

This would indeed be the ideal setup for them. The current form of the Taste Buddy consists of a two centimeters wide tab that lies on the tongue and is connected to a large processor.

It can trigger sweet and salty tastes in the tongue of the person that is using it. Soon a science fair will take place where the Taste Buddy will be on display and ordinary people will get to try it for real.