Foodie: Play with Your Food Promote Interaction and Fun with Edible Interface. Full Journal Paper in IEEE Transactions of Consumer Electronics

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Congratulations to Ph.D student Wei Jun (@weijun924) for having a full paper accepted in the journal IEEE Transactions of Consumer Electronics! The abstract of our paper is below.

Abstract — This paper presents Foodie, a novel interactive system that promotes interactive entertainment using the real edible food, connecting digital playfulness with active participation in the food creation and eating experience. Through this system, people can not only create novel food media and share with remote family members or friends, but also serve them with the physical food. This system adds another natural and organic dimension – edible food with smell and taste, to enhance the lifelike feeling and enrich the play experience. We believe the actual manipulation of real food through digital drawings would increase the engagement and enjoyment even for remote people, extending the digital playfulness of food games with real life experience. Besides social entertainment, this intuitive interface also provides an attractive channel for kids to try out and learn about realistic cooking, in a safe, creative and playful way