Analog Books are Best!

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One of my last analog hold-outs in the digital age is books. I tried using an e-reader, however although it is convenient to carry many books, I feel there are still many advantages in analog books. Some of my reasons are:

1. I simply like the look and feel of a hard copy book

2. I can carry it anywhere, and dump it in my bag without any worry

3. I can read it during take off and landing (which for me has been a significant part of my life)

4. I can visually see how many books I have and how many unread books I own. (This is useful for me as I am a book addict, I can physically see on my book shelf that there are a few hundred books unread which I want to catch up, so I should halt buying more books on Amazon). With my e-reader I could store a thousand books, and basically it is lost in the virtual world. Physically I can relate to the amount of book media I have, much better.

5. Related to (4) I do not need to carry a thousand books with me, in fact I find it stressful when presented with so many choices of what to read on my e-reader.

The only part of books which I probably will convert to digital would be text-books. However I think more importantly text books are becoming irrelevant. I can find almost all information on line these days so I rarely look at text books and I hardly recommend text books to my students these days either


The Book of the Future

(for The New York Times Book Review)