Speech at Indonesia Creative Power Symposium

Speech at Indonesia Creative Power Symposium. Adrian David Cheok. Abstract: For the first time in human history we have infinite, global, 24/7 communication. We live in the era of hyperconnectivity. This will revolutionize almost all sectors of business and society. I will particularly mention about the change of kids learning requiring creativity in the internet age, and connecting everything and every sense to the internet. Digital media contents is one of the emerging fields that can provide high value add to the economy and career of youth in hyperconnected era.

With Thad Starner

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With Thad Starner. I was very happy to meet a great researcher and friend, Thad Starner. It was very exciting to try a demo of the Google Glass. I talked to Thad about his very interesting work at Google. He told me he will return to academia at Georgia tech because he still feels it is the best place for an exploring mind. He gave me very good feedback about my research on digital taste and smell actuation. It was most inspiring to hear Thad speak.


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Gold award
Socially Present Board Game Opponents
André Pereira, Rui Prada, and Ana Paiva
Silver award
Bathcratch: Touch and Sound-Based DJ Controller Implemented on a Bathtub
Shigeyuki Hirai, Yoshinobu Sakakibara, and Seiho Hayakawa
Bronze award
Airstic Drum: A Drumstick for Integration of Real and Virtual Drums
Hiroyuki Kanke, Yoshinari Takegawa, Tsutomu Terada, and Masahiko Tsukamoto
Congratulations to all the ACE 2012 authors for their great work and presentations showcasing impressive developments in computer entertainment. Although all the papers accepted for publication foster innovation and creativity, and present highly relevant advances for the future of the entertainment industry, the ACE 2012 organisation selected three award winners for their outstanding contribution to the computer entertainment research. Selection of best papers was based on the combined marks of paper reviewing, assessed by the Program Committee, and scientific contribution, innovation, and creativity in computer entertainment, assessed at the conference venue by the conference paper award committee, composed by several conference organisation chairs and keynote speaker.


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This year’s Creative Showcase track showed many interesting submissions, ranging from children’s toys, new interaction devices and serious games to enhanced cooking experiences, devices for expressive music making, and applications for remote emotional engagement between people. These showcases were demonstrated at the exposition session organized in collaboration with the Robotics Association Nepal. This lead to many lively discussions, not only between the delegates of the conference. but also with the students  from the Robotics Association who were immensely interested in learning from the work presented here.

ACE 2012 Nepal congratulates the prize winners of the ACE Creative Showcase awards, chosen by the conference delegates through voting.

t-words: Playing with Sounds and Creating Narratives (C. Sylla, S. Goncalves, P. Branco, C. Coutinho)

HOJI-HOJI: The Hole-Type Interactive Device for Entertainment (Y. Suzuki et al)

POPAPY: Instant Paper Craft Made Up in a Microwave Oven (K. Yasu, M. Inami)

ACE 2012 Nepal

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ACE 2012: 9th Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference Register now to attend! This is the 9th ACE conference, and the first time that an international entertainment computing conference is being held in the emerging world. The theme of ACE 2012 is “Entertaining the Whole World”. Kathmandu in Nepal “The Roof of the World” has been chosen as venue. We are pleased to announce the very high quality and very interesting and exciting work you will be able to see in Nepal. We received about 140 submissions in the various categories (papers, posters, demonstrations, workshops, panels). From the regular paper submissions 10 papers were accepted for long presentations (about 14%). You will also be able to see cutting edge entertainment demos from ACE delegates coming from around the world at the World Trade Center of Nepal. For the first time this year, we will also be conducting Entertainment Workshops for Kids. Our second day of the conference will take place at local schools in Nepal. Not only will local Nepal youth be able to attend our regular sessions, but at the same time ACE delegates will be conducting Entertainment Workshops for Kids. The research in this work is going to change our concepts of electronic entertainment in radical new ways. Register now, and don’t miss your chance to see these works presented and interact with the authors in Nepal! Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal, 3-5 November, 2012 ACE 2012 home page http://www.ace2012.info/ Follow us on Twitter Join us on Facebook For general questions about ACE 2012 please contact info@ace2012.info Unsubscribe by email

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