Young Global Leaders (YGLs), Japan end of year party

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Young Global Leaders (YGLs), Japan end of year party.

With fellow YGLs Asashōryū Akinori (Asashoryu Dagvadorj), and Kumi Fujisawa.

Asashōryū Akinori (朝青龍 明徳?, born September 27, 1980, as Dolgorsürengiin DagvadorjMongolian Cyrillic: Долгорсүрэнгийн Дагвадорж) is a former sumo wrestler (rikishi) from UlaanbaatarMongolia. He was the 68th yokozuna in the history of the sport in Japan and became the first Mongol to reach sumo’s highest rank in January 2003. He currently works as President of Asashoryu foundation.


In 1996, Kumi Fujisawa established Japan’s first mutual-fund assessment organization, IFIS Limited, which she sold to Standard & Poors in 1999. In 2000, she teamed with Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka to establish Thinktank SophiaBank, which is a thinktank fostering and supporting social entrepreneurs, and was made its Vice President. Since 2003, she has also acted as Vice President of the Japan Social Entrepreneur Forum (JSEF), which she and Dr. Tasaka established as an incubator for social entrepreneurs.



Letter from Detective Conan Director Kobun Shizuno

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Letter from Detective Conan Director Kobun Shizuno to Adrian David Cheok
Letter from Detective Conan Director Kobun Shizuno to Adrian David Cheok

Kobun Shizuno writing a letter Kobun Shizuno speaking at Creative Week Indonesia

I had the great pleasure to meet Kobun Shizuno, one of Japan’s anime leaders, in Jakarta at the Creative Week Indonesia. I was deeply impressed with his focus, I saw him working at every spare moment at the conference with paper and pencil on his animation. We had many interesting discussions about his work over dinner. He was nice enough to write me a letter, including cute version of Conan!

About Kobun Shizuno:

Born in 1972 in Tokyo, Japan, Kobun Shizuno studied at the Yoyogi Animation School and made his debut in the anime world as the Assistant Director of Giant Robo: The Animation. He has since served as Director or Co-Director of many of America’s biggest anime series including Burst Angel and Elfen Lied as well as fan favorites such as Case ClosedAi Yori Aoshi, Peacemaker, Princess Nine, and Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Fans of Saturday morning cartoons will recognize Mr. Shizuno as the Director of GI Joe: Sigma 6. His largest projects include Fist of the North Star motion picture and serving as Co-Director for the Neon Genesis Evangelion feature films. He is famous for directing the Detective Conan series and movies.

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